Monday, April 15, 2013

15 Minutes of Fame!

Tracker knows I'm not very good at remembering to blog. Most of the time I'm busy with my sniffer practice and going on long walks so I can become a lean, mean, arson-fighting machine!

But I told my partner we had to take a break today because something really cool happened and I just had to tell everyone about it!

Are you ready for it...? Are you sitting down...?


Our first real interview! They put us on TV! We're famous!!

Last week, a reporter from KLTV 7 in Tyler came out to meet me and Tracks. He took lots of pictures of us, talked to us and our partners and even filmed us doing some sniffer practice. It was SO cool!

And you won't believe what happened next!?! They put us on TV! We're practically TV stars!

Check out the link:

Now who wants our pawtograph?!?

Taking a quick nap before I go to work. I'm about to try and track down a reporter. I know how to find him because he wiped a gauze pad across his neck. As soon as I stick my nose down into the bag and smell his scent, I'll be hot on his trail!

I caught the scent, and I'm off!

Almost there! I won't stop 'til I find him!

I found him! I found him! That's why I'm jumping up on him. My partner and I have secret signals for each other and this is one of them. It shows my partner that I've found who I'm looking for!

I get treats when I do my job. (If you're reading this, partner, keep 'em coming!)

I get hugs and scratches, too. I might be a big, ol' bloodhound with an important job to do, but I still love snuggles. Just don't tell anyone!

Our tracking demo is over, but I'm always hunting for something! I think I smell a SQUIRREL!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Puppy book!

This is my brother Dozer at just 2 days old.  Look how small our ears once were!

Dozer and I have been so busy with training and sitting in on meetings this week that we haven't had much time to kick up our paws and blog.  But we finally have some free time and what better way to end the week than to show off the puppy book that just came in the mail from our momma?!  Everyone in the office loves it but we keep hearing, "y'all were so cute" and I'm thinking, were?  I guess that's because we are just so handsome and dapper now that no one believes we were these tiny little guys, barely the size of our momma's paw.  We were though and I still remember it like it was yesterday!
When we were born our momma made me the purple boy and Dozer the orange boy. You might have to do a little hunting in some of the photos to tell us a part from our brothers and sisters, but that is the fun part!

Look at Dozer sleeping in momma's paw! 
Our best memories...all piled up with our brothers and sisters.

These long ears look more familiar!

Can you tell which one is Dozer?

Hope y'all liked our momma's hard work.  Momma - me and Dozer think you did a great job. You'll have to make us scrapbooks of the first big cases we track down and when we make the news!