Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Arbor Day fun with my brother!

This was our Arbor Day booth, pretty neat, huh?!

We attended our first Arbor Day event in Bastrop and it was so much fun.  We met so many new friends, learned about trees, spread the word about how we'll help our agency and had a fun day overall! 

When my partner first told me we were going to Arbor Day, my first question was what is Arbor Day and then my second question was is my brother Dozer going to be there? He told me of course he'd be there and Arbor Day is a celebration of trees.  Well, if there is anything I love more than my brother it is definitely trees and carrots and squirrels...wait, what was I saying, oh yeah, trees!  We think all trees are terrific and especially the pine trees we have here in East Texas, they smell so good. So Dozer and I got together and designed special bandanas to wear for the big day and for all our new friends we met. They were a huge hit and we even saw some people wearing them on their heads, we thought that was pretty cool! 

Thanks to everyone who made our first ever Arbor Day such a fun day and took the time to celebrate trees with us!

We met a ton of new friends, the cuddles were so great!

Dozer hanging out with Mr. Pete, thanks for letting us
celebrate Arbor Day with you!

My brother loves to give kisses!!

It was so great to catch up with my brother Dozer.  I think he smells the
carrots I was snacking on!

We were pretty tuckered out by the end of the
day but we had so much fun!