Thursday, March 27, 2014

Website Launch

Taking time to pose with our good friend Smokey Bear at the launch.
My brother Dozer and I launched our website at this years Texas Wildlife & Woodland Expo in Conroe, TX.  We met a lot of new friends who learned all about bloodhounds and how we assist our agency, Texas A&M Forest Service.

Everyone loves our wrinkles and Dozer sure loves the attention!
Lately we have been busy with training, growing into "big boys" and working on our website.  If you haven't checked out our website, what are you waiting for?! You will learn how we assist our handlers in tracking down arsonists, how arson and timber theft affect our forests, and some fun facts about our unique breed.

I think we were posing for the paparazzi here.
They sure do like us boys from East Texas!

Mini Dozer doll and mini human!
It was such a fun day and if you weren't able to make it out to the launch, keep an eye (or nose) on our Facebook page for your chance to win your very own mini Dozer doll. I hear my handler calling for me...better put down the keyboard and pick up my leash. Time for some tracking practice!

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