Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Officer Dozer, reporting for duty!

It's official! Got my badge today! Ready to track down some arsonists! 

Hey guys! Officer Dozer, here, reporting for duty!

My brother, Tracker, has been bugging me to come over here and check things out. So this is a blog, huh? Looks pretty cool. Way to go, Bro!

I would have been here sooner, but my new partner, Kevin, has been hogging the laptop, filling out lots of reports. I sure am glad they don't make me do all that paperwork. I guess sometimes it's good not to have opposable thumbs...

Me and Tracks have only been here for a few weeks now, but I already love Texas. I've been spending most of my time getting to know Kevin and testin' out my sniffer.

One of my first days on the job... Check out my new office. I miss my momma back in New York, but it sure is hard not to love Lufkin.

Meetin' my namesake... I'm gettin' real good at posing for pictures.

I can't wait to be called to my first fire. Tracker told me all about his first fire and all that black stuff he got to sniff around in. I'm super jealous! I'm crossing my paws that I get to go to the next one!

Uh-oh. I better go. I hear Kevin calling me. Must be time for more sniffer practice!

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