Thursday, March 7, 2013

Welcome to our blog!

Howdy!  We are Dozer and Tracker, Texas A&M Forest Service's new K9 Law Enforcement officers. I'm on the right and Dozer is on the left.  He was talking to me while we were having our picture taken, silly Dozer.  This was the day we met our handlers Kevin Pierce and Jarred Lemmon in West Virginia before they brought us to our furever homes in Texas. We will be training with our handlers for the next 6 months then we will be ready for action.  Our training will prepare us to help our agency with tree farm security, trespassing, arson awareness, timber theft, responsible burning and much more.  So stay tuned for updates!

I live in Linden, TX with Jarred and Dozer lives in Lufkin, TX with Kevin, we love our new homes and hope we don't see that white stuff again because, brrr, it was cold on our big paws. Speaking of our paws, please excuse any typos we might have, these things are hard to type with. They keep saying we'll grow into them but I'm not so sure. These things are huge!

Hanging out with my mini me that my friends in College Station gave me.


Guess which one of us this is?  You guessed it, my brother Dozer!


This is what our momma Sunshine has been doing since we moved
to Texas...playing at the beach!

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