Thursday, March 28, 2013

Training Session

Tracker here!  I had a training session yesterday outside of my office in Linden. We try to do this daily so that I get used to using my nose to track human scent versus squirrel. We have so many squirrels here in East Texas that you can just be walking along and smell squirrel after squirrel.  I hope that one day they stop running away from me so that we can be friends!

Enough about my soon to be friends and back to the fun!  Suanna, the nice lady in our office, helped with the training.  She rubbed gauze on the back of her neck and placed it in a zip-lock bag.  Then she walked about 50 - 75 feet to hide.  Once she hid my partner let me get a good whiff of the opened bag and I took off!

Here I am "air scenting" with my nose in the air.  I am on her trail!

Do you see her feet under the truck?  When I was tracking I had
my head down using my nose before I spotted her.

I found her, partner!  Another successful locate!

Well I better get off of the computer and get a little rest before our afternoon training session.  They keep saying that this is just the beginning and I just can't wait for what's to come!

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